Update 30.05


Greetings Captain:

We are informing you that on 30. 05 ,2024, in the meantime 8:00 till 12:00 (server time) we plan scheduled Update works . And there will be a downtimes in services during the maintenance.

New content:

1.190 LandBattle version “Empire of the Cloud”;

    Max work level :190;


2.New LandBattle Gear:

    185 DPS Gear: Phantom; 185 MT Gear: Shadow Reincarnation; 185 SUP Gear: Lunar curtain mystery;

    188 DPS Gear: Frost and Fire Ashes; 188 MT Gear: Kylin Frost Soul; 188 SUP Gear: Soaring Snowbird;

    190 DPS Gear: Ba Yuan Rules; 190 MT Gear: Indestructible Battle Spirit; 190 SUP Gear: Enchanting Swan skimmed;

    190+ DPS Gear: Dragon-way;  190+ MT Gear: Sobbing


3.New scene: Lima Port, Outskirts of Lima, Golden Ancient City;


4.New copy: “Tauantinsuyu “copy;


5.Camp and Reputation gameplay;

After completing the mainline quest "Non-reconcilable" to choose a camp.


6.New feature: Carrying Bank;


7.New items:

Secret Forest Treasure Box; Sale:18 points;

Mystic City Treasure Box; Sale:24 points;

Ancient Kingdom Treasure Box; Sale:32 points;


8.LandBattle Star Soul adjustment:

Reduce the number of materials required for upgrading;


9.New item added in Lv5 and Lvl 6 Treasure Map ;

Bai Xiu Crystal;


10.Promote system adjustment:

Reduce the number of materials required for promoting;


We thank you for your support and love for BBO and sincerely apologize for the possible inconvenience .