Preview——“Empire of the Cloud”


Greetings captain:

With BBO's upcoming 190 version update, what new content awaits you? Let me bring you the answer.

At the end of the 15th century, the Spanish Empire landed at the Lima port in South America, aiming to establish a colony there. However, their relationship with the local indigenous people was not harmonious, the conflicts and disputes never ceased.

The new viceroy decided to actively seek an audience with the Inca king, but Atahualpa directly refused the viceroy's request for land, and even threatened to drive the Spanish explorers and army out of the land. Negotiations turned into conflict on the spot, and eventually the viceroy, who had the advantage of firearms, captured the careless Inca king. The humiliated Atahualpa kept claiming that it was because he had left his High Priest and did not receive the protection of the sun god, otherwise he would definitely have punished the Spanish.

The viceroy sent three Christian missionaries to the Inca Empire, using the Inca king as a bargaining chip for evangelism. Two days later, only one missionary was sent back, who relayed a warning from the High Priest to the viceroy, indicating that the Incas only believed in the sun, moon, and stars, and urged the viceroy to release the Inca king, or face the same fate as the other two missionaries. The High Priest conducted inhumane human sacrifices, turning the other two missionaries into indescribable golden statues with his supernatural powers. Furthermore, the viceroy learned of the countless gold in the ancient city, with three magnificent golden towers among them.

The viceroy was furious and decided to conquer this uncivilized race. However, the Inca Empire was powerful, and the requests for reinforcements sent by the viceroy were intercepted. Now, in order to punish the High Priest, the viceroy had to rely on the few hundred soldiers in front of him. The viceroy was not very confident, but he was unwilling to give up.

In order to confront the High Priest, the viceroy secretly spread rumors of this magnificent golden ancient city in the distant ocean, hoping to win over some captains to his cause. The viceroy promised the captains that they could take away all the wealth they discovered! Upon hearing the news, countless fleets flocked to the scene. Faced with enough gold and silver treasures, anyone would become crazy. Moreover, deep in the clouds of the jungle, lies a Golden Ancient City...


Golden Ancient City, Lima port, High Priest, Conqueror, Inca Suyo Guard….. All of these things make up what we have in this new:


Welcome to the   Empire of the Cloud



The new version will include several brand new scenes: Lima Port, Outskirts of Lima, Golden Ancient City and “Tauantinsuyu “copy.






It will also include a large number of ferocious monsters:



To confront them, you must strengthen your equipment, so perhaps the latest landbattle  gears will be a good choice:

Ba Yuan Rules; Indestructible Battle Spirit; Lunar curtain mystery; Soaring Snowbird; Enchanting Swan skimmed; Dragon-way Sobbing; Phantom; Frost and Fire Ashes; Shadow Reincarnation; Kylin Frost Soul…


Like this:


And this:




At the same time, we will bring new Camp and Reputation gameplay so that players can fully feel the fun of confrontation!




Is there anything else? Of course, to accommodate more and more props, and to solve the problem of insufficient backpack space, we have introduced a new feature:

Carrying Bank !



The difficulty of the ' Tauantinsuyu ' copy is very high. Before it goes live, quickly contact your captain friends and challenge the powerful High Priest together!

The new version will be online soon, please look forward to the announcement on the BBO official website !