Halloween Event(27.10-30.10)


Top Up Bonus

27.10-30.10 will be 120% Top Up Bonus.


There will be a special offer for the accounts top up for the first time.

At least top up for 1000 points, extra 50% bonus.


From 27.10-30.10 (according to the BBO Server time).

Each single 2000 points Top Up will receive 1 Halloween party charm Medal;

8 Halloween party charm Medals can exchange the Halloween charm 2023;


From 27.10-30.10 (according to the BBO Server time).

Totally top up for 18000 points (without Bonus), will get an extra reward from BBO --- 1 Blessing vessel.



Consumption Event 27.10-30.10:




Pack-Open Event (27.10-30.10)



Tempering Master Daily Rank (27.10-30.10)

Participating in the Daily ranking must reach 600 points for Tempering Master



Daily Event:

Bloody Arena: Tuesday 13:00-17:00; Thursday 19:00-23:00; Saturday 19:00-23:00;

Petro Fortress: Monday 18:00-22:00 ; Thursday,13:00-17:00; 

Labrinton Coast:Tuesday 18:00-22:00 ;Saturday, 13:00-17:00;

Palenque Battle: Wednesday 18:00-22:00 ; Sunday , 13:00-17:00;

Max event: Friday  19:00-21:00

Euro Ares: Friday .Saturday  20.00-21.00

Double Drop: Friday Saturday and Sunday 19.00 - 21.00

Crete: Friday Saturday and Sunday 18.00-19.00

trade profit: Friday - Sunday 18.00-20.00

Yearly Beast: Saturday Sunday 17:00-18:00

Navigate Colorful Clouds event : Wednesday Thursday,20:00 to 22:00

Treasure Map preferential exchange: Friday Saturday and Sunday