Hello , voyagers!

      Halloween is coming , and we’ve prepared some game and event for you . We are informing you that on October 26, 2023 , in the meantime 8:00 till 10:00 (Server time) , we plan scheduled Halloween patch installing works and there will be a downtimes in services during the updates.

Update content:

Halloween quest;

Halloween exchange:26.10-09.11;

      You can get Proof of Pumpkin,by challenging Golden Tower(floor 30-80),Suez Trials(floor5-30),Yizhou Boardwalk,Higurashi and Portobello Bay.

      Proof of Pumpkin: Used to redeem rewards in seville city.

Fix Halia equipment chest and Scylla equipment chest;

      Players who have purchased this gift pack will be compensated based on the total purchase quantity multiplied by 8%.

Once again, please pay attention to the game time, so as to avoid unnecessary loss. We thank you for your support and love for BBO and sincerely apologize for the possible inconvenience.