Bloody Arena


Bloody Arena

Flexible and versatile team combat.

The Survival of the Fittest.



Event Time:

Tuesday 13:00-17:00;

Thursday 19:00-23:00;

Saturday 19:00-23:00;

During the event, each player can sign up for the Bloody Arena up to 10 times per day,20 times per week.


Participation Requirements:

Registration :

Players can participate individually or in teams of up to 3 players;

If participating in a team, after the team leader registers, team members can choose whether to join.


Registration requirements:

WorkLevel 160 or above, total skill points reach 600 points;

Low-level - Bloody Arena (Land Battle Points: 600,000 – 1,2000,000)

High-Level - Bloody Arena (Land Battle Points: over 1,200,000)


Game Instructions

[Battle process]

Preparation period:1 minutes;

Combat phase: 9 minutes.

1. In the limited time of the battle, the team that kills all members of the opposing team wins. If the last member of both sides dies in succession, the team of the one who died later will be the winner. (Resurrection skills cannot be used).

2.At the end of the battle, if both sides have surviving personnel, the side with more survivors wins; if the number of survivors is the same, the side with higher damage wins; if both sides have the same damage, it is a tie.

3.At the end of the battle, if neither side has inflicted any damage, it is a draw and no rewards are given.


Special Bouns


When there are 3 minutes left in the limited battle time, the Arena chest will appear in the center of the field. Successfully opening it will cause all enemies to receive the Fate Judgment (continuous health reduction).



Low-level - Bloody Arena

Winner: Bloody Arena Certificate*2; Bloody Arena Giftbag*8;

Loser: Bloody Arena Certificate*1; Bloody Arena Giftbag*4;


High-Level - Bloody Arena

Winner: Bloody Arena Certificate*4; Bloody Arena Advanced Giftbag*10;

Loser: Bloody Arena Certificate*2; Bloody Arena Advanced Giftbag*4;