Greetings Captain:

Recently, we checked the game data and found some items that were supposed to be in the binding state were illegally traded in the game, and we have fixed these items. Some of these accounts will be permanently banned.

In order to ensure the smooth growth of players, we will add some new gameplay and exchanges in the nearly updates, so that players can normally obtain the previously necessary items.

In the meantime, we welcome all players to report accounts that were cheating. If the report is true, we will reward the player who reported it.

BBO has keeping creating a fair and equitable environment for our players, and we want all players to be able to play the game legally and fairly.

We apologise to some of our players for the inconvenience caused during this time. At the same time, we will properly deal with this issue, some bundles will be unbound later, so that more players can trade to get.

We thank you for your support and love for BBO and sincerely apologize for the possible inconvenience.