Notice of VIP


Greetings Captain:

    The VIP system is a unique identity authentication for experienced players. The VIP level depends on your recharge behavior in BBO.Before the initial validity period, we selected a long time (during the period 1.1.2020 --.8.31.2021 ) as the criteria for the first VIP rating of all players.

    You can check your Cumulative recharge amount from 01.01.2020 to 22.08.2021, by talking with the VIP Manager (26.69,60.82) in Seville City. Next week, we will send you the VIP for the first period according to the Cumulative recharge amount of your account during the period 1.1.2020 --.8.31.2021 .

    Rely on the Cumulative recharge amount you checked in the NPC, multiply it by 100 to get your initial VIP points, and open the VIP system to know your VIP level. You can increase your VIP level by increasing the total recharge limit in the next few days.

    VIP items will be sent next Wednesday. At the same time, starting from 01.09, all single recharges will get VIP point items, VIP points = recharge amount * 100 .

    We thank you for your support and love for BBO and sincerely apologize for the possible inconvenience .